Public Relations Examples Provide a Glimpse Into the Field

There are many public relations examples that provide insight into what professionals in this exciting field accomplish each day. The term “public relations” brings to mind corporate types who discuss the latest strategies to help a company look great. However relations professionals work in various settings. For example, a school director is responsible for handling day to day issues that may attract media attention. News of low performing schools may bring criticism from parents and the press. In such a situation, the director makes sure that accurate information is shared and that concerns from all parties are answered. On a lighter side, a school public relations director might make sure that a positive event such as million dollar grant awarded to a school district gets noticed and reported by various news outlets.

PR professionals also plan special events to celebrate successes and to help the public get to know an organization better. A company that is about to launch a new product might call upon a public relations specialist to handle media events.

In the nonprofit sector, public relations professionals often take charge of fundraising and development activities. These individuals have a knack for persuading philanthropists and others to provide generous donations for good causes.

Crisis communication is another example of a public relations activity. If a food processor’s product causes an outbreak of food borne illness, a public relations professional is the person who will coordinate all media responses and assure that accurate information concerning the outbreak is provided to all stakeholders.

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